A Train Ride

Train is my preferred means of travel, and whenever possible I travel by train at night because there’s nothing I enjoy more than falling asleep with the rhythmic movement and sound of the train. Of course, to sleep soundly, one needs a certain standard of comfort. As we all know, when it comes to trains, first class is the only way to travel.

However, traveling first class on a train today is mostly a luxury only a select few can permit themselves. Especially considering that present time is the time of cheap flights. Who travels by train today? Those who afraid of flying, and those who like me, just love the experience.

A few months ago I traveled by train from Barcelona to Hamburg, crossing France and Italy on the way. It was as smooth as a smoothie made in Europe, I fell asleep in Spain and woke up in Germany. And just yesterday I traveled from Montenegro to Serbia, and had border control walk in the cabin in the middle of the night flashing lights in our faces and checking our passports and luggage.

Why do we let ourselves be manipulated into such hopeless situations? I want to ask people around me. Not sure if they would know what I’m talking about, so I give up on the thought.

Want some free travel advice? If you are traveling from Serbia to Montenegro, take a plane.

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