My Lunar Family Ties

I am the Self-Existing Moon
Also known as the Blue Lunar Storm 
I Polarize in order to Catalyse 
Stabilizing Energy 
I seal the Matrix of Self-generation 
With the Lunar tone of Challenge 
I am guided by the power of Magic 
I am widow of the Galactic Moon
The White Magnetic Wizard 
He Unifies in order to Enchant 
Attracting Receptivity 
He seals the Output of Timelessness 
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose 
He is guided by his own power doubled  
I am mother of the Magnetic Moon 
The Yellow Crystal Warrior 
He Dedicates in order to Question 
Universalizing Fearlessness 
He seals the Output of Intelligence 
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation 
He is guided by the power of Elegance  
video art by daimon0000 

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