Morning Coffee

Morning sun is bathing the streets with its clear light. I lazily sip my coffee, seated at a secluded table under a large oak tree, and watch the people hurry by.

A bus stops with a loud, screeching noise. A group of five year olds, lined two by two, cross the street. Their teacher, a young guy with thin glasses, runs frantically from rear to front, like a Shepard looking after his flock. At the first sign of summer’s return, women have eased back into light dresses, tight tops and short skirts, revealing sexy tattoos and radiating flirtatious smiles in all directions. Men, wearing ridiculously too much cologne, walk about with sweaty foreheads and concealed erections. Somebody’s mobile sounds sharply, offending my ears.

I lift my head up, gazing at the sky through the dense green branches. I shut off all noise and focus in on the wind playing through the leaves. Nice.

I finish my coffee in the mute mode and head back home.

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