Dream Land – Photography by Daniel Greenwood http://ift.tt/1KyPiYy My mor…

Dream Land – Photography by Daniel Greenwood http://ift.tt/1KyPiYy My more recent trip down south has been by far the most memorable trip to date!. Not only was it an awesome experience but meeting up with several others that have been inspired by my work was truly something special. I had a ton of fun climbing up mountains in the middle of the night with my student and friend Derek Culver, as well as meeting up with Candee Watson and Gary Wells. Derek and I decided to part ways with the crowds and trek up to Burroughs Mountain in the pitch dark with dead headlamps. Upon reaching the top, we were treated to one of the most spectacular milky way alignments I have ever seen. The milky way was stretched vertically over Mt. Rainier in the most neat tidy fashion. The cold fresh air and being surrounded by billions of stars is what had me deeply connected with this moment. Next year things will begin to kick off for Hillary Younger and I. We will be scouting and exploring a lot of locations further north into the Yukon as well as tons of places down south. This image was taken at upper tipsoo lake before heading out on our hike to Burroughs mountain. – Daniel Greenwood
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