The Fountain of Life – Photography by Marc Adamus This great paradise is real, …

The Fountain of Life – Photography by Marc Adamus This great paradise is real, and taken during an 8-day heli-in backpacking foray through these incredible ranges, which I am about to make far more accessible to a certain few. This is one of the very many places I have found in my journeys through the endless coastal mountains of British Columbia and Alaska. These mountain paradises are the most rugged, remote, untouched and strikingly beautiful places for landscape photography I have seen on Earth. The landscapes here unfold like a storybook. Turquoise glacial lakes, more waterfalls than anywhere on the continent, unrivaled wildflower gardens and some of the largest and striking mountains in the world among other things unexpected, like say, reflections of mountains through fifty foot high arches made out of ice 🙂 This is the third image from an ongoing new collection of images made this summer which I will share from these amazing locations which you have almost certainly never seen photographed. In fact, one could be on these shores and not encounter another person for a year, such is the vastness of these regions, and in some other cases perhaps not ever.
On September 13 of this year I will be introducing a new variety of photographic adventure tour, available only to those who have signed up for my mailing list in the tours portion of my website. The tours, beginning in 2018 (all my big trips fill immediately and 1-3 years out) which will explore many of these areas in a different way. During these fully outfitted and all-inclusive wilderness camping trips for everyone, we will be using our own helicopters on call at all times to deliver you to these paradises too, taking in the most grandiose and undiscovered terrain on the continent. Fifteen hundred miles of mountains from BC to Alaska await. The seven expeditions I have made here in the past six years have been the most rewarding photography of my life and I suspect it will continue to call me back forever. – Marc Adamus

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