The Plunge 2 – Photography by +Artur Stanisz As I mentioned previously while…

The Plunge 2 – Photography by +Artur Stanisz As I mentioned previously while commenting on some of my photos, my artistic approach is a dynamic process and it will likely last forever. I keep redefining my landscape photography vision simply because I constantly develop in the field and switch sources of inspiration. My way of landscape photography execution doesn’t involve going to places and shooting the first appealing composition. Instead I like to take risks and come up with new approaches. Before I start shooting, firstly I need to feel the place. And I mean in it in a holistic approach. Each of my photos is a combination of composition, technical skills and deeper connection with the photographed location. One doesn’t exist without the other. I would never go to the place just to take couple photos, but I frequently go to places and explore them even if I don’t shoot. This photo features Brandywine Falls in BC, near Whistler. Every time when I look at this waterfall I reassure myself that it looks more interesting from its very edge than from the bottom. It was a thrilling and adrenaline boosting experience to shoot there again. By the way, it is 70 metres of that plunge.
For those who are curious: yes, I was using climbing gear to get to this spot and to stay safe at the edge. It is easy to loose the balance when you look through viewfinder for a long time. This is especially true when you need to balance difficult position. It was challenging to compose and stitch images to get this view. I wanted to include as much of waterfall's engaging power and flow of the river and landscape below as possible. It was really a thrilling experience to be there! – Artur Stanisz
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