Astrae Signum


“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

I have always been spiritual, but as much as it was easy for me to explore and accept certain values, it was difficult to find a way to faith. If God had given us the ability to think for ourselves, why would He want us to disregard it by turning to faith? All around me I could see people blessed with the ability to easily do just that, and I wished it were as easy for me. I needed to understand in order to be able to believe.

In search of this understanding, I’d first come upon the Nordic Runes. They never cease to amaze me with their profound insight that’s always right on the spot. Compared to the simplicity of the Runes, astrology is a multi-dimensional science. To understand it, you only need an open mind, with the desire to learn mythical stories about the ancient Gods, and perceive their virtues and faults as the symbology behind the astrological planets. The idea is so simple that it may even sound ridiculous, but I’ve checked it, and found it works. However, this brings to my mind another question: where did this knowledge come from? It’s inconceivable to think that the ancient peoples had just thought of a way to assign all these different values to different planets. Even if it was them who did it, how the hell did they do it??? By observing the sky? By noting down various influences certain star configurations had on human behavior? But whom did they watch? And how did they know what to look for? I mean, the whole idea is so far-fetched that I am left speechless.

The more astrology I learned, the more I appreciated it. It was like I had always recognized certain things, but by learning the language of astrology, I was beginning to name them. I was learning the language of life. Jealousy, pride, suspicion, egoism, cruelty… I understood that those are just various manifestations of interplanetary exchange we need to overcome in order to grow. It’s not easy, but there are no other options. And one good way of dealing with this is confronting it head on. In reality, we have only one choice: either we make things happen, or we let things happen to us. Either way, we’ll eventually have to get to where we’re going, but it’s the journey that counts. The knowledge of astrology has given me the understanding of life cycles, and the power to comprehend that change is the eternal law of the universe. It offers a variety of symbols and endless combinations, which make for a perfect mental game I could play forever.

astro chart

Natal chart is much like a photograph of the sky at the exact moment of one’s birth. Astrology is a science because nothing is left to clairvoyance, and it is an art because its accuracy depends solely on its interpretation. And interpretation is the tricky part.

If you go to an astrologer and give him a chronological account of all crucial events in your life, he should be able to look into your chart and see exactly which planetary energies had revealed themselves through each of these major events. A wise astrologer will hint at possibilities, but would never attempt to suggest a specific event because he knows that planetary energies choose to manifest themselves in many different ways. I’m not saying that specific events cannot be foreseen; only that the guesswork is mostly done by the individuals with ego problems who need to impress you. (Beware of those!) I find that astrology gives best results when applied in retroactive study of our life. Although not as exciting as predicting the future, retroactive readings help one gain a better understanding of oneself and make wiser choices for the future. And, the future is Machiavellian in its very nature. Although it is sometimes easily foreseeable, at other times, it can be quite surprising. The manner in which the planets reveal their energy in one’s life depends first and foremost on the level of his consciousness. For sure there is destiny, but its form is constantly changing because it relies on free will. This may sound paradoxical, but nevertheless it is true. The power of free will is a decisive factor in the creation of one’s destiny. Once we understand that a natal chart is merely a picture of one’s character, we can easily see that one’s character is – his destiny. From this, we can conclude that if one can change his character, he can also change his destiny.


The Ascendent: Your Karmic Doorway by Martin Schulman

The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by Howard Sasportas

Relationships and Life Cycles: Astrological Patterns of Personal Experience by Stephen Arroyo

Parkers’ Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker


Runes are the sacred symbols of the Teutonic tribes, and in the past, a whole system of philosophy and magic was based on them. Runes were used in rituals for calling on to the higher forces and to predict the future outcomes of important events, such as harvests or battles. The root of the word ‘rune’ means ‘secret’ or ‘to whisper’. Runic alphabet was a source of intuition which was accessible to those who knew the craft of rune reading. There is evidence that many women were gifted rune-readers. Playing with the runes is a great advanture which will help you avoid the limits and conditioning of the mind.


Runic divination has affinity towards all forcasting methods which rely on the symbols to stimulate latent clairvoyancy into activity. Those divinations are ‘fluid’ or ‘mutable’. For this reason, runic divination resembles the ones of Tarot, Geomancy, I Ching, or predictive astrology. All occult teachings, whether western or eastern, point to the existence of certain basic energies or cosmic forces. Pagans believed them to be Gods, and the followers of monotheistic religions – Jews, Christians and Moslems – called them archangels. Teutonic shamans postulated nine cosmic forces which were identified with Sun and Moon, five planets visible to the human eye, and North and South moon nodes.


From the total of 25 runes, 9 have the same meaning regardless of their postion. The remaining 16 may be drawn in upright or reversed position. A rune in reverse position does not have to be a bad sign, only a hint of a new challenge, or a possible warning (like a retrograde planet in astrology). It’s wise to keep in mind that the meaning of a rune in reverse position greatly depends on other runes in the reading.


From the total of 25 runes, 13 tell of the important cycles of self-transformation: Ansuz, Othila, Uruz, Perth, Nauthiz, Inguz, Kano, Berkana, Ehwaz, Hagalaz, Raido, Thurisaz, and Dagaz. Together, they make energy frame of the runic alphabet. If two or more runes of the self-transformation cycle are drawn, the potential for growth and integration is greatly increased.


In ancient times, it was customary to call on to one of the Gods, guardians of the runes, Odin or Freyja, to ask that the runes give a correct answer and helpful advice. This is a useful meditation you can adjust to your belief-system. (I call upon my Higher Self). Runes will never answer you with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, so avoid such questions. Instead, just concentrate on the problem you have and ask the runes to show you to the best way out of the situation.


The first runes were engraved in stone or wood, and that’s why the symbols are so characteristically angular in shape. Runes should be made out of natural materials, such as wood, stone, clay or crystals. If you decide to paint them, that should be done with natural and traditional colors. Thoser are: red for energy (most effective for male shaman); green for growth (mostly used by female shamans and Wiccans); or blue – the color of Odin, Teutonic God of runic wisdom. You will also need a small, cloth bag in which to keep them, and a piece of cloth on which to cast them. The cloth used for rune-casting must be of one color, and traditionally, white color is used.


The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum

Runic Workbook by Tony Willis

  1. Thanks for sharing this, nice food for thought.

  2. could mention Sabian Symbols, cuz they are so easy to use.

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