THE WORLD AROUND ME (Boli me kita)

When I look at world around me, I see disarray
Never before have I pictured things to be this way
It all flows like milk and honey, but it smells like shit
that’s why always it’s the good guy who pays with his wit

I am one and you’re another, we’re not all the same
After one, it’s two and three that join in the game
There are many different numbers if you feel alone
Listen only to your feeling when you chose your own

I’ll never let you
treat me like a bag you’ve found
try to carry me around
Never want to be so near you
and I never want to hear you
tell me what to do  (I’ll never let you…)

Give us just a little more light so that we can see
maybe then we’ll understand all things that we can be
Twisting my head all the way up, I look to the sky
I won’t be a part of all this, I wave you goodbye


PARANOIA (Paranoja)

When those weird ideas
start to fly out through my head
soon enough they make me wonder
am I really going mad
do I see things
do I hear things
do I feel things and do I…
do I really trust in people
do I think I know them well?


and sometimes I’m dumbfounded
with the way people are rounded
sometimes it’s so hard to feel reality
truth will make you see the way
truth won’t leave you much to say
sometimes it’s so hard to feel reality

adios my little darling

who is left and who is right and
who is up and who is down
who is watching, who is flerting
who is happy, who is hurting
who will use me, who will bruise me
who will face me and embrace me
who will buy me and apply me
who will fry me, then imply me



we are yin and yang
like Bonnie and Klyde
like Demi and Bruce
like battle and truce
we are yin and yang
like the sun and the snow
like the high and the low
and what do I know
we are yin and yang
like black and white
like wrong and right
like left and right
we are yin and yang
like stand up and sit
like fragrance and shit
and that’s about it
like love and hate
like will and fate
like early and late
like a hook and a bait
like coffee and cream
like despair and a dream
like silence and sound
like square and around
just like o.k.
just like night and day
just like leave and stay
just like work and play
like ceiling and floor
like less and more
like peace and war
and so much more
like hello and goodbye
like where and why
like laugh and cry
like you and I
like old and new
like through and through
like one and two
like me and you
like shame and pride
like rise and tide
like narrow and wide
like brothers and sisters
like misses and misters
like elders and youngsters
they all love sex!


Kilometer, like a meter
centimeter, millimeter,
Is it a good parameter
for all that I wish for?
hectoliter like a liter
just one little deciliter
is enough for me to tell you
what I should not mention

every day‘s another story
our past is not that crucial
why should I remember
when I’m longing to forget
many people, many reasons
any mind will go on to gleam
as much as its very owner
bears to keep it clean

can anyone really tell me
where’s the end and where beginning
of that bridge which leads over the river
bridge is easy to destroy
I have really had it, boy
evil deeds are done by those
who don’t have a soul

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