A New Page

Chameleon like shadows slice the world around me into jagged fragments
In the light in the darkness
Splinters of thought glimmer and fuse
Until from the corners of my eye a novel perspective elopes
Still I have to defend myself from stalking obscurities
That settle in thick pools of my being
Like coagulating blood

The walls threaten to close in
A big steel trap snapping shut in slow motion
Convicting me to eternal isolation
Too tired now to be inventive
I confront it with passive indifference
That puts steering wheel on automatic mode
And all is well again
The secret is in imperviousness
Of blessed ignorance
It grants immunity

Days become months
Months become years
Years become decades
And only the aging stamp of time
Bears witness to the merit
To the inevitability of the sacrifice
The scarring of a vestal virgin
The scarring

Although preordained
The zombie like waking seems to reach into perpetuity
Agonizing and unbearable like the morning after a drunken night
Healing comes after capitulation
So I cut my balls off and eat them
And turn a new page
Not much to it

Castration brings on a sad kind of liberation
But liberation nonetheless
Freedom is always good
Freedom is always handy

I don’t know if the river runs into the sky
Or if the sky runs into the river
But I know they run together
The blue the deep the wide
The free

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