My Teacher

When I give Dagaz a bone,
He wags his tail and starts to
Sniff at it, bark at it, jump at it,
Run to it and away from it.
It’s a new challenge to face up to,
A new master to play up to.

There is a variety of ways
To keep the bone for days
He sneak up to it and defies it,
Looks for it then hides it.
Finds it, and then leaves it.
Ignores it, then pleads it.

He offers it to everyone
But won’t give it to anyone.

Only in the evening does he eat it.

Had it not been for me,
Dagaz would not have had the bone.
Had he not had the bone,
He wouldn’t have enjoyed the game.
Had he not enjoyed the game,
I would have forgotten about it.

  1. Dagaz Eterna

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